Xtreme Marketplace Global Review: A Cathy and Randy Teinert MLM Ponzi

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Xtreme Marketplace Global Review: A Cathy and Randy Teinert MLM Ponzi

Xtreme Marketplace Global is one of the broader MLM Ponzi schemes we have operated by the Tenert’s. Here’s our eye-opening review.

The platform goes under several different names which we will mention. Our XtremeMPG Review and MPGXtreme review all point to Xtreme Marketplace Global. All of these are operated in Minnesota, United States.

Randy's Xtreme Marketplace Global is a high-risk marketplace

However, details show that the couple behind this platform are hiding in Australia. Xtreme Marketplace Global first started creating waves in mid-2022 with Randy and Cathy using targeted marketing campaigns to push the brand.

As the name suggests, the two created a marketplace where they would sell trendy products and services. However, what they fail to mention is that not everyone can sign up and post their products as one would do on Amazon or eBay.

Instead, all of the available products are from Randy’s companies including those in the automotive, home, and personal care business. Unlike Cathy who’s a newbie in the MLM scene, Randy has been at it for over a decade.

Some of the earlier mentions of Randy include way back in 2008 when he headed NatureRich Distribution center, a Ponzi for wealth and fitness products. He was also involved in Global Diesel Innovation the following year.

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Randy has been the president of Synchpack Inc. since 2022 and has done his best to hide his MLM organizations. However, our investigation into the two will reveal some of the more horrendous MLM Ponzi schemes operated by the two.

First in line was Revii Life GLOBAL which launched in 2016 with Xtreme Marketplace Global being the reboot. Fuel Direct was the first MLM scheme by Randy and operated a matrix-based pyramid scheme targeting XP3 Gas.

The two operate several other energy companies from Minnesota.

Here’s our full XtremeMarketplaceGlobal Review.

A closer look at Xtreme Marketplace Global

We need to make things clear with his energy companies, they’re all legit. The only issue that raises more questions is the marketplace aspect of it. The products on sale which include travel are risky as there have been several complaints from buyers and promoters.

Some of the products found on the platform include fuel tabs that supposedly help burn diesel more efficiently. This in turn boosts efficiency and increases the power-saving users on gas fees.

Other energy-related products include Trucker Crumbs which claim to reduce emissions and guarantee high performance. All these products would be great if only they were tested and the results verified.

However, that’s not the case and we believe Cathy and her hubby are using MLM products to push such unproven entities. There’s the doubt that comes especially when pushing products not verified by regulators in the first place.

Once these things backfire on users, there’s no recompense from Randy or his company. The risks associated with these products outweigh any gains one would get from using them. And therein reigns the biggest obstacle facing investors.

One of the many reasons why we had to flag the platform was the residual commission claims. The platform guarantees residual commissions for affiliates ranging from $100 a week to a maximum of $25,000 weekly.

Other such products have been in the MLM industry before and ended up selling worthless products. Most of the green-themed ecosystem energy MLM products have been burst, starting with Xtreme Green.

These are Ponzi schemes that use affiliates to push products that don’t offer much in terms of efficiency. That’s the main reason why we believe Randy and Cathy have joined the MLM game to push their ineffective energy products.

An old-fashioned MLM Ponzi XtremeMarketplaceGlobal

Those associates pushing the products are on top of the pyramid and are the ones that earn from commissions. Nancy Andrew is another scammer worth mentioning as it seems she’s the one heading the promotional aspect of the business.

As Randy and Cathy sit around and wait for the products to hit the market, Nancy takes all the credit. There’s also a new travel program available which is nothing but a presentation from the world’s best MLM travel scammers.

Failure to communicate once buyers purchase products or go for the travel plans is another cause for concern. We’ve got a platform lacking in customer support and blocks communication after the sales’ complete.

Cons of Xtreme Marketplace Global

Here are some of the reasons that make us question the intent of Xtreme Marketplace Global and by extension, Randy’s products.

A guarantee these products offer energy efficiency without testing

There’s no magic pill that will make your energy efficiency go down especially when driving diesel-car engines. The fact that none of these products have been approved by regulators make us question the intent of the idea.

That’s why the marketplace was invented by Randy, Cathy, and pushed by Nancy. The marketplace was the venue for selling what seem like energy efficient products to help boost car performance.

Sadly, these magic pills are nothing but carbon pellets that fail to offer any energy efficiency. There’s no green-revolution from any of the energy products sold by Xtreme Marketplace Global.

Those behind

Having a 3-matrix commission-based approach

To keep affiliates working for longer, the couple set a near impossible target to meet for affiliates. Despite claiming to offer much in terms of authenticity, there’s no affiliate that has come out heaping praise on the execution.

Needless to say, there have been more complaints from those who managed to hit the target. As it turns out, there’s no way of receiving any payouts as Xtreme Marketplace Global is coming with new excuses.

Sales of affiliates not known

The moment you become an affiliate with Xtreme Marketplace Global, there are no sales reports available for transparency. You may push others to buy and fail to earn any commission since there’s little transparency.

Xtreme Marketplace Global is also failing to offer much in terms of how much affiliates have pushed. Sales of these products from an individual seller are still not available. It means Randy and his team are taking advantage of these scammers.

Xtreme Marketplace Global is empathizing more on recruitment than products

We’ve seen this type of approach in nearly every MLM scheme out there where the owner pushes for more recruits. With this approach, the platform gets more sales and other users to entice signups.

The downside with Xtreme Marketplace Global is that signup numbers will soon dwindle down. Once this happens, the entire scheme will fail to deliver in terms of reliability and products. And as we know, all pyramid schemes end up collapsing.

Compliance, License and Registration Xtreme Marketplace Global

Xtreme Marketplace Global is not a regulated entity neither are the products sold on the marketplace. And this means anyone involved is entangled in a risky venture where the products don’t enjoy regulator’s approval.

It goes to show the length at which Randy and his team will go to deceive investors. There’s no need to sign up with this project as an affiliate or buyer. No one ends up taking home a prized procession.

Customer Complaints Xtreme Marketplace Global

All of their previous organizations have had several complaints before them. Even the pellets currently sold on the platform have garnered heavy criticism from buyers. It’s a ruse to get users buying non-performing products.

Our thoughts on XtremeMarketplaceGlobal

Por favor manténgase alejado.

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