Revisión de MyResClub: Un Ponzi de ingresos residuales de Craig Shawn

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Revisión de MyResClub: Un Ponzi de ingresos residuales de Craig Shawn

MyResClub is a residual income Travel Ponzi reboot of ResClub operated and owned by Craig Shawn Williamson. Here’s our candid review.

A reboot of the once unpopular ResClub, now claims to offer residual income via investing in travel. These include investing in brand-name restaurant chains, Condos, entertainment venues, Private Jets, Private Islands, Resorts, Vacation homes, and yachts.

MyResClub Review: Avoid this travel and real estate residual income Ponzi

Of course, none of these investment ventures are tied up in any way with MyResClub or its owner. MyResClub is another Ponzi that imploded a few weeks back targeting investors during the holiday season.

From as little as $100, MyResClub claims to offer a residual income with fixed margins of up to 8 and 24% respectively. According to the YouTube video, the platform will offer a free 8ghtX App that ties your investment allowing withdrawals via Crypto.

We’re told 8ghtX App is the first-of-its-kind banking platform that brings together affiliates and investors under one roof. Investors collect dividends under one roof and exchange Crypto 24/7 365 days a year.

About the Team behind MyResClub

As such, this is also an 8ghtX App review highlighting the risks associated with this platform. The original ResClub was launched in Mid-2022 with Craig the fall guy as this was his first MLM venture.

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Peter Jensen is another name that’s tied with MyResClub and has been an ardent pusher of MLM Ponzi schemes including Real Rise Academy. Jensen made his name with the now-defunct YTB Pyramid scheme back in 2007.

He later launched AMA Nation in 2020 and stole affiliate customer relations data where he was arrested for tax evasion. The FTC fined Jensen $2.1 million and was sentenced to over 30 months in a State Penitentiary.

After serving half of the sentence, he was released early where he brought the RE247365 scheme. This scheme was also in the real estate world and later collapsed after lacking funding. Once asked by customers, he claimed the fund was stolen by hackers and frozen funds.

In 2016, he became the lead market distributor of Direct Cellars and went to work there for over 3 years. After its collapse in 2019, he joined is Xperia and has been there ever since. He’s now pushing MyResClub which is the next travel pyramid scheme.

Company Evaluation

Despite claiming to have years of experience in the travel industry, Craig Shawn is another Ponzi artist. The company fails to get a valid registry in the United States and opts to go for a shell company registration details.

He’s also using social media influencers to push the project seeing there’s no one interested in the platform. These social media influencers make it appear that the project is viable with withdrawal tutorials.

What investors don’t know is that these are pre-meditated actions with Craig allowing withdrawals as part of the payment. Before you fall for such promo videos, do due diligence before committing funds.

Mike is the YouTube main promoter and is found on both of the websites under the ResClub umbrella. He claims MyResClub is powered by 8ght where he encourages investors to invest in large-scale business opportunities.

Passive income ruse MyResClub with Consistent Profit Margins

MyResClub claims 8ghtX App is the investment syndication app that offers genuine investment gains. The video shows some typos indicating the lack of professionalism during the presentation by Mike, a hired aid.

Think about it, is there a way outside official banking institutions to earn constant profit margins? Even in these institutions, there’s risk of not achieving the target due to market volatility.

And with the crypto and real estate being a volatile market, chances of losing funds are high. That’s why we can’t take anything Mike or Shawn sell to us due to the claim of making consistent profit margins.

Craig knows he can’t make a good scheme without attracting investors with over-the-moon profit claims. He introduces an affiliate program that makes it easy to earn passive income as part of the MyResClub syndicate.

Cons of MyResClub

Before investing with MyResClub or any other investment venture, you need to do your homework. Try and find out whether the platform in question does offer legit investment opportunities.

After weighing the pros and cons of My Res Club, this is what we found as the red flags on travel and real estate residual income Ponzi. Please beware of this project and avoid it or any other sharing similar characteristics;

A constant profit making ruse

Once you get an investment platform especially in the crypto, forex, and real estate claiming constant profits, stay away. As explained above, there’s no way of earning constant profit margins in these markets.

What we have is a classic Ponzi scheme ruse that attracts naïve investors due to the constant feature. Investors do the math and see fit to invest and later withdraw a large chunk after the vesting period.

These investors don’t realize is that characters such as Craig have other things in mind. Withdrawals become nearly impossible with this platform with investors losing it all. Here’s why you need to steer clear of this project as no profits come out.

why is a risky investment project

A hard-structured commission-based residual income

As an affiliate, Craig makes it possible to make it appear you can earn more with the platform. It’s clear with the commissions and overall bonuses, an affiliate seems to earn more than the single investor with a $100 minimum deposit.

And as such, Craig makes a complex commission-based structure ensuring withdrawals are hard to come by. This is why we’ve got to expose the platform or risk losing it all. We’ve got a platform lacking in proper investment ruse.

Emphasizes more recruitment rather than residual income

Its clear Craig will have members concentrate their efforts more on recruiting than passive income. Once you sign up as an investor, he states you can’t make your first withdrawal until hitting a certain target.

And this means having to bring in a minimum of five members to get a chance to make withdrawals. What he’s actually doing is moving money around from one investor to another to make it appear the platform is legit.

Lack of support after engaging

Immediately you sign up with My Res Club, forget about receiving any support with the platform. You get a platform that’s ideally lost in communication which is well crafted. The platform has no intention of communicating with their next victims.

And this is why we’ve got to steer clear from such investments in the future. Even Mark, the YouTube marketer doesn’t respond to queries on his MyResClub channel and videos. That’s why we believe MyResClub is a Ponzi scheme.

Is legit or a high-risk residual investment platform?

There’s no denying MyResClub is a risky investment project failing to offer much in terms of authenticity. What we’ve got is a platform lacking in structure and transparency. The platform enjoys no backing from regulators.

Without any regulatory oversight, it means those who invest with the project have everything to lose. There’s no deposit insurance in place to protect investors in case of bankruptcy or insolvency.

And as we all know, all Ponzi schemes collapse.

Our Verdict MyResClub

Please stay away from MyResClub

Earn passive income with tested and trusted projects offering investors a chance to win more.

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